There is a kind of stigma surrounding the words “missionary” and “evangelist”.  “Missionary” generates pictures of some preacher in an uninhabitable village somewhere, constantly wary of lurking danger and the ever-present threat of being decapitated in a ceremony to the village gods.  “Evangelist” on the other hand paints a picture of a man dressed in the finest suite, with a microphone in his hand, preaching to the scores of people that God will work in their lives if they give all their money to the church.  And yes, missionaries DO work in dangerous and inhospitable places.  And some evangelists do promote prosperity preaching, far more than they preach the Gospel.  But a missionary is also the saved Christian who tells his neighbor about Christ, and how Christ died for his sins as well.  An evangelist is the old lady who hands you a pamphlet or tract at the supermarket, not wanting any money in return.  The great thing about being born again is that all of a sudden, you NEED other people to be saved too.  For some, it is a calling and it becomes their job.  For others, it is enough to just tell someone who doesn’t know.  We are ALL missionaries, in one way or another.