Year: 2018

Local Community Outreach

Thank you to everyone  who prayed for and supported our October outreach and media distribution events.  Thank you for all the donations, Bible gifts and financial support. Your continued support makes our work possible. Once again it was a huge success, and we give all the praise and honor to the Lord!

Fishing Competition 27 October 2018

To all who were part of our fishing competition last Saturday, we would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The day was a big success, although we had a bit of a struggle with the wind early on. 😁 As the day went on, the wind calmed down and a […]

The 5 Solas

SOLA SCRIPTURA – SCRIPTURE ALONE God has poured out his whole heart in the Bible and nowhere else SOLA GRATIA – GRACE ALONE God saved His people while they were still sinners and enemies. Yes He justifies the ungodly! SOLUS CHRISTUS – CHRIST ALONE God saves His people by the perfect merit of Christ alone […]

It costs nothing

Telling someone about Jesus doesn’t cost anything, except maybe a little bit of faith, and a little bit of guts.

Local community outreach 29 Sept 2018

A big thank you once again to each person who prayed for us and assisted with our September community outreach.  Thank you for the donations and constant intercession.  All praise to our Holy Father for making it possible.

Give-away at a Take-away. ;)

When last were you so exited to receive the Word of God… People are hungry and each and every one of us have the same mandate- Matt. 28:19  

It was a good day. :)

Handing out more than 50 Bibles to Moqhaka Municipality while they were repairing a broken water pipe. They were singing with praise when they left… We thank the Lord for the donations and the opportunity, and all Praise be to Him!

Bible Donations

Thank you to everyone who donated bibles for our outreach and distribution events.  Without these constant donations we will not be able to do what we do.

Media distribution

We had a busy two months getting all our material ready and set up for the local community outreach and bible distribution.  May it not become any less busy.  🙂

Local community outreach

On the 1st of September we had another local community outreach.  Once again it was a successful day, and along with the different evangelism material, we were able to give homes to around 50+ Bibles. The focus of these outreaches and fundraising days is not so much to make money, but rather to engage with […]