Live for Christ, He died for you. 2Cor. 5:14-15

Our personal calling and mission as per Luke 10:1, is to spread the good news of the coming Kingdom of Jesus Christ no matter what. To serve and assist the Gospel in any way possible - Diakonos.

Technology reaches into places that we can not reach, that coupled with the time people spend online, makes for a enormous missionary field...

Our Vision and Mission

We want to help give every person multiple opportunities to come to know and accept Jesus Christ. Technology reaches into places that we can not reach and we want to use these online and digital resources to the fullest. Our mission is to distribute and make available any type of evangelical material with a PURE Gospel focus as wide as possible using any means possible while concentrating on internet availability and physical media distribution. Our vision is to assist congregations and churches in developing the areas of the ministry where they don’t necessarily have the time or expertise to do it themselves by implementing our focus areas while at the same time fulfilling our mandate to spread the Gospel of Christ. Our aim is to use the internet and social media to promote the church and or congregation thus giving the church the necessary exposure. This will be complemented by the supply and or distribution of physical Evangelistic material and digital media. This will mean that the church and ultimately the Gospel will have the internet presence it deserves which will serve an evangelizing purpose at the end of the day.

Physical evangelistic media distribution still remains the most personal method to both spread the Gospel as well as to put the church out there... not mentioning that statistics show that 80% of South African people do not have there own Bibles...

Our Projects and Initiatives

Join us in spreading the Word of God and sharing the Good News; the Gospel of Jesus the Christ with all!


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Salvation through Jesus Christ

The saving Grace of God that brings salvation can be summed up into the following undeniable truths...

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